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November Workshops

Recommended painting time 2–4 hours
Sessions required: 1–2 or more

In this painting workshop, you’ll get to create your own hygge inspired acrylic painting. Hygge is a Danish word that means “finding pleasure, comfort, and warmth in very simple, soothing things such as a cozy environment or the feeling that friendship brings us!” This painting truly captures the true cosiness and comfort of hygge.

Recommended time: building 2–3 hours
Sessions required: 1 or more

We all have special knick knacks, bric-à-brac and tchotchkes we love. This month you can create the perfect miniatures collection case for your little special mementos.Build your very own collection case out of stoneware clay.

Special Tip: Bring in what you would like to store in the case so you can make sure everything fits. Or you can also choose to spend more time at the studio making the cutest Ditto oven-bake clay figures to display in your case!

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + glazing 1 hour
Sessions required: 2 or more

Welcome to our annual Clay Tree making workshop, inspired by the majestic, evergreen snow-tipped trees of winter. Sculpt your tree from stoneware clay and then book your second session and return to underglaze your tree. Once fired, illuminate your tree with a tealight for that special holiday glow.

Recommended time: building 2–3 hours + glazing 1–2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine... brighten up the winter season with this lovely and homey hand-built gingerbread clay home! In this clay workshop, build and glaze your very own home sculpture.

Recommended time: building 2–3 hours + glazing 1.5-2 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

November is the month for warm bowls of soup and snacking with friends! In this workshop, create this multi-functional bowl and dish combo. Learn slab techniques to build your unique piece. Book your second session and return to the studio to underglaze your bowl in the colour of your choice.

Recommended time: building 1.5–2 hours +underglaze & carving 1 hour
Sessions required: 2 or more

Enjoy A Warm Cuppa this winter from your own handmade Hygge inspired clay mug. In this workshop, handbuild your own stoneware mug and learn carving techniques to create your own design. Book a second session to underglaze your mug and voila, c'est fini!

Recommended time: sculpting 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

Calling all Frida Kahlo fans! In this oven-bake clay workshop, learn how to create these awesome Frida Kahlo inspired ornaments. You will get to create Frida and all of her little animal friends out of our professional Ditto oven-bake clay.

Recommended time: sculpting 1 hour
Sessions required: 1

We all love a good holiday sweater! Celebrate the holidays by creating the cutest Hyggely sweater ornaments. In this Ditto oven-bake clay workshop, get creative and learn how to make so many different designs of holiday sweaters to really add some fun to the tree!

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